ConcreteConcrete for Recycling

Boggs accepts concrete slabs for recycling into crushed concrete base course for driveways, roads, sidewalks and parking lots. This sturdy material is an excellent base for poured concrete or asphalt or can be used as an aggregate surface on farm roads, secondary roads and driveways instead of crushed stone at a fraction of the cost. It resists abrasion, has significant bearing strength and compacts very well. Slabs and clean waste concrete are easily recycled, reducing debris in our landfills. Our crushed concrete meets the NCDOT Specification and is approved for ABC (Aggregate Base Course).


Pile of recycled shingles


Recycled Asphalt Product (RAP)

Boggs accepts scrap asphalt for crushing into RAP, which is used in the production of Hot Mix and Warm Mix Asphalt. Recycling old asphalt reduces the amount going into our landfills.

Recycled Asphalt Shingles (RAS)

Recycling Shingles

We also recycle asphalt shingles! We accept clean loads of shingles from residential buildings with four or fewer dwelling units. All suppliers will be required to complete a certification form, provided by Boggs, identifying the source of the shingles.

Why recycle asphalt shingles? It reduces landfill waste and is green certified! We accept asphalt shingles, nails and the felt attached to the shingles. We do not accept felt paper or felt paper rolls, wood, metal flashings, gutters, plastic wrap, buckets, paper waste or other construction debris.

For more information, contact our recycling yard at 704-282-0033.


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