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Boggs Group Office in Monroe, NC

In 1994,Drew and Chris Boggs launched Boggs Paving, Inc. with a vision toward creating a modern organization comprised of top notch professionals and skilled craft persons. Drawing knowledge and experience from their father, Carl A. Boggs, Jr, founder of Boggs/Vaughn Contracting, the brothers created an environment for camaraderie, growth, innovation and quality.

Drew and Chris believe in the concept of teamwork from top management to entry-level positions. It's not uncommon to see Drew and Chris at a jobsite with their boots on and their sleeves rolled up!

Boggs has received numerous accolades for quality and innovation in the paving industry since the company's formation. The Boggs brothers believe in investing in their future growth, so they have never hesitated to acquire the newest equipment technology or to provide continuing education and training for all employees. Striving for quality is important to Drew and Chris.

The parent company, Boggs Group, is comprised of Boggs Paving, Inc., Boggs Materials, Inc. and Boggs Transport, Inc. Boggs Paving is the major construction arm of Boggs Group, serving North and South Carolina as well as parts of Georgia.

Buckhorn Materials at Lynches River Quarry and Construction Materials Group at Black Creek Sand Mine are both affiliate partners of Boggs Group. 

Monroe, NC



Boggs Paving, Inc.  --  P.O. Box 1609  --  Monroe, N.C. 28111   Phone: 704-289-8482  --  Fax: 704-282-1126

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